Saskatoon School Division Circus Arts Project, Saskatchewan- Saskatoon

Saskatoon School Division Circus.jpgGoodLife Kids Foundation is supporting The Circus Arts Project,  being offered at 5 schools in Saskatoon, facing challenges in providing access to physical activity for their student community. During the Circus Arts Project, students work with professional circus artists and school staff in order to learn a wide variety of circus arts skills including juggling, Chinese yo-yo, rola bola, feather sticks, stilts, tight wire, hoops, and trampoline. Students will also learn to combine these skills with theater, performance, and clowning in order to use their skills as part of a performance. Circus skills are iåntegrated into the phys-ed program, and schools run a circus club that meets every day in order to increase physical activity time for students.

Because the program combines a focus on physical skill development, circus arts, and physical theater, the Circus Arts Project aims to engage participants who may not choose, or have access to, traditional sport or arts activities.  

This grant was made possible by the fundraising efforts of Saskatoon Circle & 8th GoodLife Fitness staff and members during the 2014 fundraising campaign. 

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