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You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers! We’ve pulled together information to answer our most frequently asked questions below.



  • Do I have to register online?

    Yes. We ask all participants to register online. This ensures there is a spot reserved for you at your local Event and is the easiest way for us to provide you with important Event information. By registering online, you also have access to a personal fundraising page and online tools and tips to help you reach your fundraising goals.

  • Is there a registration fee?

    There is no registration fee for Spin4Kids. Participants are expected to fundraise for GoodLife Kids Foundation, with recommended fundraising goals as follows:

    • Teams raise a minimum $1000 (8 participants x $125)
    • Individuals raise a minimum of $125
  • What am I signing on for?

    Everyone who registers for Spin4Kids is considered a fundraiser and asked to raise a minimum of $125 for GoodLife Kids Foundation. At your local event you will sign up to take part in at least one group fitness activity (one hour) or the Lift for Kids Challenge if it is offered. If you wish to take part in more than one hour of activity we ask you to fundraise $125 per hour. Please contact your Event Leader if you wish to take part in more than one hour of activity.

  • Is there a deadline for registering online?

    No. You can register online right up to Event Day. However, to be successful in achieving your fundraising goals, and have an opportunity to earn Fundraising Rewards, we recommend registering early in order to take full advantage of the online fundraising tools available to you through the Participant Centre.

  • How do I register?

    Whether you plan to start a Team, join a Team or take part all on your own, you can register online by clicking the REGISTER button under The Main Event and following the on-screen prompts. The registration process should only take about five minutes.

  • I need to cancel my registration - how do I do that?

    Email us at events@goodlifekids.com and we’ll take care of it for you. Note: If you have collected cash or cheque donations, please ensure these are turned into your Event Leader prior to Event Day (November 16th). Include all donor contact information on your pledge forms, including email address, to ensure timely processing of income tax receipts.

  • Who can I contact for help with registration?

    Please email events@goodlifekids.com  for assistance completing your registration.


  • I participated in Spin4Kids last year, will I be able to access my existing account?

    We have transitioned to a new online donation service provider that we think provides a better experience for donors and participants. However, this means that previous accounts and profiles are no longer active. Should you participate in the 2019 event, you will be able to register for our 2020 event as a returning participant.

  • Will the current site have my past donors' information and email addresses?

    As we have transitioned to a new online donation service provider, your previous donors’ information is no longer available. you will see a ‘Donation History’ tab in your Participant Centre but there will be no data there from previous years. Should you participate in the 2019 event you will be able to access your donor information when you register again in 2020.

  • What is my Participant Centre?

    Your Participant Centre is your unique, online, customizable fundraising centre. Either Individual or Team fundraisers will have access to it immediately following online registration. It contains tools to support your fundraising goals such as emailing friends/family, tracking donations, adding offline pledges, an overview of your fundraising status and more.  AND you can personalize your own Personal or Team Page (captains only) – sharing with your supporters why you are participating and how they can help.

  • What is my Personal Page?

    It is the online webpage that your supporters will see when they search for you. It highlights an Individual and their fundraising efforts. You will be able to customize content and images on your Personal Page from your Participant Centre.

  • What is my Team Page?

    It is an online webpage that highlights a Team and their fundraising efforts. Team Captains are able to customize content and images on their Team Page from their Participant Centre. Only the Team Captain has access to make changes to the Team Page.

  • Is there a limit to the number of emails that I can send through my Participant Centre to my friends, family and team mates?

    No, there is no limit to the number of emails that can be sent from the Participant Centre although, if you are sending to a large group, we recommend sending in batches of 100 or less at a time.

  • Can I upload my address book from Outlook, Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo?

    Yes, to upload your contact list select the Address Book tab along the navigation bar of your Participant Centre.

    • Here you can choose from three options to add your contacts
    • For any of these options you will be given step by step instructions to add your contacts.
    • Once your contacts have been imported or uploaded head over to the Email tab to start fundraising.
  • Who can I contact for help with the website?

    Please email events@goodlifekids.com for website assistance.

Teams & Team Captains

  • What is the role of the Team Captain?

    The role of Team Captain is an important one. They have the ability to motivate team members, get them excited about Spin4Kids and tell them how they are making a positive change in the lives of Canadian kids. Team Captains may be responsible for:

    • Acting as a liaison for their Team with the Event Leader
    • Recruiting a team of up to 8 people to participate for a minimum of one hour
    • Have a vision/plan to help their Team raise the suggested minimum $1000
    • Providing their Team with the resources they need, staying organized and tracking fundraising progress
    • Communicating with their Team to ensure they receive all Event information
  • I want to be a Team Captain. What do I do?

    You can register as a Team Captain by selecting ‘Create a Team’ during your online registration and following the on-screen prompts. Registration only takes a few minutes; however, your session will expire after 20 minutes and you will need to start over again.

  • I registered as an Individual, how do I join a Team or create my own?

    To join an existing team, log in to your Participant Centre and select the ‘Join a Team’ tab. Search for the team you want to join either by Team name or Captain’s name.

    Note: Teams with a lock symbol beside their name signify Teams that are by invitation only and require a password.

    If you want to create and Captain a Team of your own please email events@goodlifekids.com and we’ll do the rest.

  • I joined the wrong Team, how to I correct this?

    If you joined the wrong Team you please contact events@goodlifekids.com with the details to have this corrected.

  • How many people can be on each Team?

    Teams can be made up of 1 to a maximum 8 members. If you have more than 8 members, additional Teams will be needed and we recommend having one of your team mates create the additional teams (rather than you) in order to have as many available spots as possible.

    If you don’t have a full Team of 8 don’t worry. You can connect with your Event Leader to get help recruiting individuals to your Team. You can also take part with your smaller Team; however, the Team fundraising goal would still be $1000.

  • Can I register the other members of my Team?

    Yes, you can register your Team Members but only during your own registration. Once you have added all of your details you will be given the option to Add Participants or skip this step. Once you have completed registration, these participants will receive an email notification asking them to confirm their registration. If your own registration process has been completed you will be unable to register others.

  • Does my Team's fundraising total count towards Individual rewards?

    No, only funds donated directly to an Individual will count towards the Individual Fundraising Rewards.

  • What resources are available to participants?

    We have a Participant Guide that contains all the information needed to prepare for the Event and succeed in Fundraising. The guide will be emailed to you when you complete your online registration and is also available to download on The Main Event page.

  • What resources are available to Team Captains?

    The Team Captain Guide contains all the information needed to ensure your Team’s success. The guide is available directly through the Participant Centre of all Team Captains.

The Event

  • What type of activities will be part of Spin4Kids?

    Most of our events feature indoor cycling. Some will also include other one-hour activities such as BodyPump, Body Jam, BodyAttack, BodyCombat, BodyFlow, Sh’Bam, Zumba, Newbody, BodyStep, BodyShred or the Lift for Kids Challenge in any combination. Please refer to the Location Page for your local Event to see what activities are being offered.

    Be sure to check back often as schedules are subject to change.

  • Who is my Event Leader and how can I contact them?

    Please refer to the Location Page for your event to find details specific to your local Event including contact information for your Event Leader.

  • What time am I scheduled to participate?

    Your Event Leader will either connect with you directly or with your Team Captain regarding the Event schedule. Please ensure that you arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled event time to check-in and turn in your cash/cheque donations and completed pledge forms.

  • What should I wear and do I need to bring anything with me?

    Running shoes shoes and fitness attire are recommended. Participants are also encouraged to come in their most creative costumes. You should bring:

    • All cash and cheques donations you have collected and completed pledge forms matching the cash and cheque donations you will turn in
    • Water
    • Enthusiasm and energy
  • Will there be food or water available at the event?

    Many Events are able to secure local sponsors to donate bottled water and light snacks. We do recommend bringing your own water bottle or snack.

  • What happens if my event is cancelled because of weather?

    If your Event is cancelled due to weather your Event Leader will do their best to connect with Team Captains and individual participants to advise them of the cancellation. In some cases, an alternate date may be set for your Event. In the event of a cancellation or change in date, you are responsible for turning in any cash, cheques and pledge forms to your Event Leader.

Donations & Fundraising

  • Where does the money raised go?

    Funds raised for GoodLife Kids Foundation support physical activity programs for kids with special needs, in communities across Canada. Our vision is that kids with special needs have equal opportunity to experience the joys and benefits of being active. GoodLife Fitness covers 100% of our administrative and operation expenses so that every dollar raised will make the biggest impact on kids with special needs in Canada.

  • What are the fundraising requirements?
    • Teams raise a minimum $1000 (8 participants x $125)
    • Individuals raise a minimum of $125
    • Participants taking part for multiple hours are expected to raise a minimum $125 per hour
  • How do I fundraise?

    We’ve got some great tips and ideas for you in the Fundraising section of The Main Event page.

  • Why should I fundraise online?
    • Easily connect with friends and family asking for support
    • Your supporters can make a donation with a credit card
    • Income tax receipts for donations of $20 or more are issued via email immediately after a donation has been made
    • All donations made to you will appear in both your Individual total and your Team’s total
    • Online donations mean you don’t have to collect cash or cheques and your donors are thanked and receive an income tax receipt immediately
  • Where do I find a pledge form for cash and cheque donations?

    Download a printable pledge form here.

  • Can I make a donation to support my own fundraising?

    Yes, all donations are welcome. Please note that personal donation amounts toward your own fundraising total will be deducted from your total in order to determine which Fundraising Level you’ve achieved for our Rewards. This is a requirement of Canada Revenue Agency. (Consider swapping donations with a friend or teammate instead!)

  • Who should cheques be made out to?

    Cheques should be made payable to GoodLife Kids Foundation.

  • What do I do with the cash and cheque donations I collect?

    You have two options when it comes to cash and cheque donations you collect:

    1) Bring cash/cheques and completed pledge forms with you to turn in when you check in at the Event. If you have entered any of your cash/cheque donations online, please make sure the Pledge Form clearly identified these as having already been entered or receipted online.

    2) Enter the cash/cheque donations online in your Participant Centre and pay them in. Check out the next FAQ “Can I add the cash and cheques I’ve collected to my online total” for instructions on how to do this.

  • Can I add the cash and cheque donations I've collected to my online total?

    Yes, fundraisers can add any cash and cheque donations to their online fundraising total using a personal credit card. To do this please take the following steps:

    • Ask your donors to make a cash donation or to make their cheques out to you
    • Log into your Participant Centre select the ‘Offline Pledges’ tab
    • Select either Individual (ie/ your Granny) or Organization Representative (local business owner)
    • Complete the form provided using the donors’ information (complete mailing address, email address, and donation amount)
    • Once you’ve added all your cash and cheque donations, you will see them listed at the bottom of the page. Check the ones you want to pay and select ‘Pay by credit card’  and follow the on-screen prompts
    • Keep the cash and cheques to reimburse you for the charge on your credit card

    By adding cash and cheque donations online and paying them in, your supporters will immediately receive a thank you email and, for a donation of $20 or greater, a second email with their electronic income tax receipt. The donations will also be added to your online total and count towards earning rewards.

  • My donor accidentally made an online donation to the wrong person, can this be corrected?

    Yes, please email the details (your name, your donor’s name, and the donation amount) of the error and the correct information to donations@goodlifekids.com and we’ll correct it for you.

  • Does the Foundation accept Corporate Matching Gifts?

    Many companies offer a Corporate Matching Gift program, matching donations made by an employee to a charity. This offers you a great opportunity to boost your Corporate Team fundraising efforts. As many Matching Gifts donations are not received by GoodLife Kids Foundation from companies until after Spin4Kids has taken place, please take the following steps to ensure we can add the donation amount to your fundraising total and include them for any Reward opportunities you may qualify for.

    • Email donations@goodlifekids.com and provide the following information:
    • Your Name
    • Your Company Name
    • Your event location for Spin4Kids
    • Amount of your donation
    • Amount anticipated from your Company’s Matching Gift program
    • Provide the following GoodLife Kids Foundation details to your Matching Gift program as required:

    GoodLife Kids Foundation 710 Proudfoot Lane London ON N6H 5G5 Contact: Lisa Burrows, Executive Director lburrows@goodlifekids.com 519-661-0190 ext. 6273 Registered Charity #89126 2628 RR0001

    • Cheques to be made payable to GoodLife Kids Foundation
    • For more information regarding Corporate Giving please contact lburrows@goodlifekids.com
  • Can I fundraise if I'm not able to take part on Event Day?

    Yes, you may still raise funds for GoodLife Kids Foundation if you can’t take part in the Event. Please ensure you connect with your Event Leader and let them know you will not need a space reserved for you on Event Day.

  • What do I do with money I receive after the Event?

    Any post-Event cash or cheques you collect can be entered and paid-in online through your Fundraising Hub. Alternately, please bring the money and a completed a pledge form to your local GoodLife Fitness Club as soon as possible and they will ensure it gets to GoodLife Kids Foundation.

  • Spin4Kids is over, but I don't see the money I handed in at the event on my online fundraising page yet. Why?

    In the weeks following the event, we process all pledge forms and paperwork that we receive from Event locations across Canada. Verifying all donations takes a few weeks – you should see your donation totals updated by the end of December.

  • How do I change my fundraising goal?

    To edit your personal goal, log into your Participant Centre. Select ‘Edit Profile’ beside the greeting line, scroll about mid-way down the page – enter a new goal and hit SAVE at the bottom of the page.

    Team Captains can change the Team goal by clicking the ‘Team Page’ tab and then selecting ‘Edit Team Profile’ beside the greeting line – enter a new goal and hit SAVE at the bottom of the page.

  • I received a notification email that someone donated to me. How do I thank them?

    Don’t reply to that notification email – it will come to GoodLife Kids Foundation. To thank your donors, log in to your Participant Centre, click the ‘Follow Ups’ tab to see a list of Team mates and donors. Check the box next to the donor you want to thank and hit the ‘Email selected contacts’ button. You will then be able to select from various email templates which you can customize (or not) to send a quick thank you note.


  • Do participants receive anything for registering to take part in the event?

    As a Fundraising Participant we recognize and thank you for achieving your fundraising goals and helping kids with special needs thrive through physical activity and fitness. Fundraising Participants may earn Rewards by raising a minimum of $125. You will find details on our Rewards Program here.

  • Are there Rewards for Teams or Team Captains?

    There are no Rewards for Teams or Team Captains. However, Team Captains and Team members may earn Rewards as individuals by raising a minimum of $125. You will find details on our Rewards Program here.

  • How do I qualify for Rewards?

    Our Rewards Program and details on how you can qualify to earn them can be found here. Your Reward level will be determined by donations received by November 30, 2019. Remember, if you have made a personal donation toward your own fundraising total, it will be deducted from your total in order to determine which Fundraising Level you’ve achieved. This is a requirement of Canada Revenue Agency. (Consider swapping donations with a friend or teammate instead!)

  • How do I collect the Rewards I've earned?

    Once all donations have been received at our GoodLife Kids Foundation Office, we will allocate all of the cash and cheques donations to the appropriate fundraisers and determine eligibility for Rewards. At this point we will be able to send the rewards to qualifying fundraisers. They will be sent by Canada Post or Courier to the mailing address used during the registration process.

    Please allow approximately 8-10 weeks after Spin4Kids to receive your Rewards.

  • Can I donate my Rewards back to GoodLife Kids Foundation?

    No, unfortunately this is not an option at this time.

  • Who can I contact with questions about Rewards?

    If you have questions about Rewards please email events@goodlifekids.com.

Tax Receipts

About GoodLife Kids Foundation

  • What is GoodLife Kids Foundation?

    GoodLife Kids Foundation is a registered charity.

    Our Vision
    Kids with special needs have equal opportunity to experience the joys and benefits of being active.

    The Part We Play
    GoodLife Kids Foundation fosters supportive environments to help kids with intellectual disabilities and autism thrive through  physical activity and fitness.

    Funds raise for GoodLife Kids Foundation support physical activity and fitness programs for kids with special needs, in communities across Canada.

    Our charitable number is #89126 2628 RR0001  

  • Find us on Social Media

    Facebook: @GoodLifeKids Twitter: @GoodLifeKids Instagram: @GoodLifeKids_fdn #Spin4Kids

  • Where can I learn more about GoodLife Kids Foundation?

    Please feel free to explore this website to learn more about our charity. In particular, you may wish to visit our About and The Impact pages.

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