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Alyssa’s Story


When you meet Alyssa Tucker, General Manager at GoodLife Fitness Belleville Quinte Mall, you’ll be greeted with a big smile and a bucket of energy. Alyssa is always on the go whether she’s rallying her team, engaging with Members, or out in the community.

As her Club’s Event Leader, Alyssa has led Belleville to great fundraising success. Over the past three years, their small-town Spin4Kids events have raised a total of over $61,000 to help get Canadian kids active – consistently placing them among the Top Fundraisers nationwide. She was also honoured with the Henry Berg IMPACT Award at the 2017 GoodLife Fitness Awards Gala for her commitment to GoodLife Kids Foundation. We asked Alyssa about the keys to her success and here’s what we learned:

People are drawn to positive energy and Alyssa uses that to fuel her Spin4Kids leadership. With the help of her Associates, she creates a buzz early on that builds until the climax of the event day experience in an incredible party atmosphere! Through awareness initiatives and pre-fundraisers Alyssa and her team demonstrate their passion for changing kids’ lives beyond the walls of their Club by supporting GoodLife Kids Foundation. Planning and executing the fundraiser is an excellent team-building exercise and the chance to talk about our charity is a great way to share GoodLife’s culture of caring with Members and potential Members.

Alyssa encourages everyone involved in her event to take ownership of their role as fundraisers. She transfers her knowledge of goal setting and action plans from the fitness world to help her Spin4Kids participants achieve success by asking questions that help break down the goal like: ‘What steps do you think you can take to hit your fundraising target by event day?’ and ‘Name two people you can ask for a donation today.’ She checks in along the way to see how they’re doing and what other support she can provide.

Another big part of this accountability is educating everyone about GoodLife Kids Foundation so that they are confident going out to ask for donations on behalf of the charity. She makes sure that her Associates and Spin4Kids participants know about our charity’s purpose, programs, and local impact. When people understand and can identify with a cause, they’re able to be more effective fundraisers!

For Alyssa, one of the most rewarding parts of being involved with Spin4Kids was the opportunity to build connections in her community both inside and outside the Club. Internally, it was amazing to see individuals from different areas of the business in Group Fitness, Personal Training, and Club Associates rally together. Each group had their own ideas, networks, and talents to offer. They had teams made up of Members and non-Members with family, friends, and community groups joining in the fun. Local businesses stepped up when asked with donations and prizes.

Alyssa says, “It was really cool to see so many people coming together for one specific reason in support of GoodLife Kids Foundation. Everyone brought amazing energy and excitement to the day that was shared by the whole group participating for any given hour. People were talking with others next to them and encouraging them as they maybe tried a new workout for the very first time. And the best part of all was knowing that all of our efforts were supporting physical activity for kids in communities across Canada, including right here in our backyard.”

At GoodLife Kids Foundation, we’re so lucky to have incredible people like Alyssa (and YOU) supporting our fundraising efforts through Spin4Kids. Together we’re breaking down barriers and helping more kids with special needs have the opportunity to get active!

Did Alyssa’s keys to Spin4Kids success resonate with you? We’d love to hear what drives your success too! Share your story for a chance to be featured.