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Grayson’s Story


Skating medal in one hand, certificate in the other, Grayson came home with the biggest grin on his face. He had just completed his 12-week adapted skating program and couldn’t wait to share his accomplishment with his whole family. “He was so proud,” says Grayson’s Mom. “It was an exciting moment for all of us!”

Grayson is a fun-loving six-year-old, who lives with developmental delays. He had always wanted to play ice hockey just like his sister, but first, he had to learn to skate. Plus, his Mom and Dad weren’t ready for him to play in a hockey league just yet because of his small size. He had tried several skating programs over the years, but because he doesn’t always advance as quickly and needs lots of repetition, in both instruction and skill practice, his family had not seen an improvement in his skating until they discovered the Town of Whitchurch-Stouffville’s adapted skating program.

Removing barriers, conquering dreams.

“I have hockey tonight!” Grayson would exclaim to his teachers, his friends, and his family.  All week, Grayson looked forward to Thursday nights where he would spend the evening learning how to skate.

Grayson had tried many different types of activities but it was this innovative adapted skating program that really got him motivated and excited to participate. With a lesson plan tailored just for him and lots of one-on-one support, Grayson mastered the skating fundamentals he needed to prepare for hockey. Each week, with 45 minutes of on-ice practice, Grayson learned how to balance, skate in one fluid motion, how to turn and stop, and even how to handle a hockey stick and pass the puck. His Mom describes how Grayson “has a hard time getting adjusted to new things, but he loved this program because it was designed perfectly for his unique needs.”

And the best part of all? Grayson now plays hockey on the weekends, just like he’s always dreamed! And let’s not forget the medal and certificate that he is super proud of too. “To see such an advancement, the change in him… we made the right move by getting him in this program,” says Mom.

The adapted skating program is currently in its second year and has already seen a lot of success. The Town plans to use additional funds awarded by GoodLife Kids Foundation to expand the program to extend the offering to both children and teens with special needs, enabling more children to experience a classic winter activity.

Grayson is just one of thousands of Canadian kids YOU helped to live a fit and healthy good life this past year. #FEELYOURIMPACT