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Jamie’s Story

Support, Sports and Fun!

The scene at Richmond Centre for Disability (RCD) couldn’t be more ideal: joyful parents, caregivers, campers and volunteers celebrated the last day of summer camp with a potluck picnic at the local park.

This summer, RCD was able to provide more kids with important physical activity and cooperative play. Made possible by funding from GoodLife Kids Foundation, RCD rented a school gym facility, giving them more space and opening up more possibilities for cooperative play and one-to-one support.

This one-to-one support was important for cheerful 13 year-old Jamie, who struggles with a life-threatening health issue – a rare syndrome that causes seizures when he is exposed to certain stimuli. Jamie’s mom, Catherine, is thankful the support offered by RCD allowed him to safely and enthusiastically participate in a unique range of physical activity.

Ella Huang, Executive Director at RCD, says they have been inspired by GoodLife Kids Foundation mandate and that funding from them has allowed RCD to provide a summer of fun with the right supports for kids like Jamie.