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Kelley’s Story

From Participant to Event Leader

Kelley Black signed up to participate in Spin4Kids in 2014. She had been working as a GoodLife Group Fitness Instructor in Hamilton and heard there was a fitness fundraising event.

When she showed up on Event Day, she realized it was so much more.

“As I started to understand more about GoodLife Kids Foundation and where the money goes, it really touched my heart,” she said. “At the time, there were a number of kids in my own community benefitting from these programs. It hit close to home.”

Since then, Kelley has grown her involvement with Spin4Kids every year. After starting as a participant, she upped her commitment by teaching a class at Spin4Kids the following year. After that, she went full speed ahead and took on the role of organizing the entire event for the Ancaster Wilson And McClure Club.

Now a GoodLife Associate of over six years, Kelley has been recognized as one of four 2019 Henry Berg IMPACT Award winners for her passion and dedication to GoodLife Kids Foundation and Spin4Kids.

Earlier this year, Kelley visited one of the programs GoodLife Kids Foundation funds—the Hamilton Challenger Baseball Association—to see it in action. The experience helped her understand how important fundraisers like Spin4Kids are to so many kids with special needs.

“These kids need physical activity, just like everyone else, but there aren’t a lot of options available to them,” she said. “Visiting these kids and participating in the program was a very humbling experience. Watching them excel through their limitations, and the pure joy they have, made me even more passionate about our cause.”

With Ancaster Wilson and McClure being a relatively small Club, Kelley says they don’t have the capacity to hold some of the bigger fundraising events that other Clubs put on leading up to Spin4Kids—but they don’t need to. They try to sell Spin4Kids for what it is: a party you don’t want to miss!

And it definitely works. Last year, the Club brought in $14,863 for GoodLife Kids Foundation. They treated their Spin4Kids participants to a day they wouldn’t forget, with a VIP room with complimentary food and drinks, all-day door prizes, and massages from registered massage therapists.

Kelley gives credit to her coworkers for their help organizing the event, and to the Spin4Kids participants themselves.

“We’re a small but mighty Club,” Kelley said. “The energy at Spin4Kids is just amazing. It’s thanks to our Members and non-Members for supporting Spin4Kids and donating to the cause that our event can be so successful.”

GoodLife Kids Foundation ambassadors like Kelley are incredibly important to the success of events like Spin4Kids and made major contributions to the $920,000 raised through Spin4Kids in 2018. If you or someone you know is committed to breaking down barriers and helping kids with special needs get active, share your story for a chance to be featured!