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Lillian’s Story

With visible enthusiasm, Lillian Kalatian, a JUMP! Associate at GoodLife Northridge, is always searching for creative ways to support the GoodLife Kids Foundation. Upon joining the GoodLife Team in 2013, Lillian was immediately drawn to the Kids Foundation and inspired by its mission to help kids with special needs get active.

As a JUMP! Associate, Lillian spends her entire day around kids, so she understands the importance of physical activity in keeping all children healthy. Beyond simply donating her own money and time, Lillian champions the GoodLife Kids Foundation in her Club and her community, encouraging others to donate and participate as well.

This year, Lillian’s goal was to gain as much attention as possible so that she could best raise awareness of the Spin4Kids event and the GoodLife Kids Foundation. Donning an unmissable Cookie Monster onesie, Lillian piqued the interest of Club Members and Associates alike, providing a great conversation starter before directing their attention to her fundraising efforts.

Gifted with a knack for creativity, Lillian also curated a number of great ideas to help her raise even more money. She organized events using Group Fitness classes like Yoga and BODYCOMBATTM, allowed Spin4Kids contributors to toss whipped-cream pies at the Associate of their choice, and even donated her own artwork to be sold in a silent auction. Her ability to constantly think outside the box and inspire others at her Club is a testament to her commitment to the GoodLife Kids Foundation.

When asked about her dedication to the foundation and Spin4Kids, Lillian said that it’s the joy that comes from helping people — especially kids — that makes her hard work worth it.

“The foundation is really important to me because I can see how difficult it can be for children with special needs to stay active on their own,” said Lillian. “I’ve seen kids that have been helped by the program, and it’s amazing to see the advantages and support they are given to keep moving.”

GoodLife Kids Foundation Ambassadors like Lillian are incredibly important to the success of events like Spin4Kids and made major contributions to the $920,000 raised through Spin4Kids in 2018. If you or someone you know is committed to breaking down barriers and helping kids with special needs get active, share your story for a chance to be featured!