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Marie’s Story

A cause close to the heart

A group fitness instructor in North York, Marie Archambault is one of the top Spin4Kids 2019 fundraisers Canada-wide. Beyond the tried-and-true method of asking friends and family for donations, Marie organized her own bottle drives and clothing drives, put on yard sales, and sold handmade knitted creations, with all proceeds going to GoodLife Kids Foundation.

But she isn’t just a fundraising powerhouse. Marie also organized the local Spin4Kids event for her region, something she’s been doing for about six years.

When she first took on the responsibility, she wasn’t sure what she was getting herself into. But she did know one thing: She was passionate about the cause.

Marie has been with GoodLife Fitness for 13 years, saying she loves teaching group fitness classes and creating a passion for fitness in her Members. Although she’s moved locations a few times over the years, she has brought her passion to each and every Club she’s been in.

“I had a new Home Club this year—Steeles and Woodbine. What I was most excited for is inspiring that culture of caring and giving back,” Marie said. “The more people we can get involved with Spin4Kids, the more excitement we can generate. We need to get the word out about GoodLife Kids Foundation and it all starts with the Associates.”

For Marie and the GoodLife Fitness Associates she works with, Spin4Kids holds a special spot close to their hearts. One of Marie’s fellow Associates has a child with special needs who has participated in some of the physical activity programs GoodLife Kids Foundation funds. Marie and the Associates have seen the benefits of physical activity for a child with special needs firsthand.

“That child is a huge reason why I’m so passionate about the cause,” she said. “Getting these kids active, moving, and engaged through physical activity is so important.”

Marie has seen Spin4Kids evolve over the years, but her favourite part of the event remains the same: Seeing Members, Associates, family and friends coming together for the cause.

“It’s all about creating awareness and inspiring that passion in people,” Marie said. “This is a cause that is so important to our Associates, our community, and kids with special needs.”

GoodLife Kids Foundation ambassadors like Marie are incredibly important to the success of events like Spin4Kids. If you or someone you know is committed to breaking down barriers and helping kids with special needs get active, share your story for a chance to be featured!