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Tamara’s Story

Tamara Gleim joined the MOVE program in March of 2021. Since joining, Tamara has grown such a strong passion for movement and has become a MOVE Ambassador for her region of Saskatchewan. MOVE has not only inspired her love for fitness but has built confidence and friendships along the way.

The MOVE Team had a chance to chat with Tamara and mother, Rhonda to hear more about their experiences with the MOVE program:

Q:  If you could describe MOVE in one word, what would it be?

Tamara and Ronda: “The words that come to mind are exciting and fun!”

Q: What do you enjoy the most about MOVE?

Tamara: “I enjoy the part where we get to have an opportunity to do ‘show and tell’. I love to share with my friends the things I enjoy and I love learning more about my friends.”

Q: Rhonda, what changes have you seen in Tamara?

Rhonda: “She is excited to do the exercises. I know it’s MOVE day because she reminds me all day long. MOVE has provided Tamara an opportunity to be more independent and comfortable from home.”

Q: Tamara, what changes have you seen in yourself?

Tamara: “I have more energy; I am stronger and happier! I like that I can do the exercises by myself and my mom can also join, for the dances. Our favourite is the chicken dance.”

Q: Would you recommend MOVE to other families and if so why?

Rhonda: “We would recommend the MOVE program to others. It’s easy, it’s convenient, you can do it anywhere. The coaches are amazing with the participants. They get excited and keep everyone involved.”

Tamara: “I would recommend MOVE to my friends because it’s so much fun and I love that I can do it at home.”

One of the greatest benefits from the MOVE program is the accessibility. It is free for participants and those individuals in remote areas can be part of the experience. “There is no fitness studio around us and definitely not one that is inclusive and specifically designed for individuals with autism and intellectual disabilities,” shared Rhonda. “There is nothing quite like this program and we are grateful to be part of the MOVE family.”