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Greg’s Story

GoodLife Stittsville Corners rallied together to raise nearly $12,000 through Spin4Kids 2019. Led by General Manager Greg Yandt, the team worked for months leading up to the big event in November. They organized mini fundraisers throughout the fall, including one Greg was most excited about: a StittsVegas clothing sale. “We […]

Marie’s Story

A group fitness instructor in North York, Marie Archambault is one of the top Spin4Kids 2019 fundraisers Canada-wide. Beyond the tried-and-true method of asking friends and family for donations, Marie organized her own bottle drives and clothing drives, put on yard sales, and sold handmade knitted creations, with all proceeds […]

Melissa’s Story

Melissa Maloney lives and breathes GoodLife. She’s been with the company for 19 years, from a part-time job looking after kids in JUMP! to her current position as Senior Divisional Manager. Melissa has been involved with Spin4Kids since day one, when she taught a class during the first event in […]

Kelley’s Story

Kelley Black signed up to participate in Spin4Kids in 2014. She had been working as a GoodLife Group Fitness Instructor in Hamilton and heard there was a fitness fundraising event. When she showed up on Event Day, she realized it was so much more. “As I started to understand more […]

Helkat’s Story

The third annual GoodLife Fitness Associate Lift for Kids Powerlifting Meet took place this past August at canfitpro, and was the biggest yet. Fourteen GoodLife Associates fundraised for GoodLife Kids Foundation and participated in the 3-hour competition, which included squats, bench presses, and deadlifts. Together, the competitors fundraised $9,606 to […]

Jordana’s Story

August 29, 2019 Spin4Kids 2019 is still two months away, but Jordana Silver has already fundraised over $1,600⁠—more than most teams of 8 fundraise collectively. She’s currently the second highest fundraiser across the entire country, and there are a number of reasons why. Jordana has a story to tell. She […]

Cindy and Lisa’s Story

While many of our great GoodLife Kids Foundation ambassadors are in Clubs, our Home Office Associates continue to prove that they’re fully on board when it comes to raising money and awareness. Two of these Associates are Cindy Chan and Lisa Cardinal, important members of the GoodLife family who pride […]

London Southdale’s Story

GoodLife has many a shining star when it comes to supporting Spin4Kids and GoodLife Kids Foundation, but under the right leadership and guidance, sometimes an entire Club—Associates and Members alike—can come together and really make an impact. That’s what the team at GoodLife’s London Southdale Club does so well. Through […]

Amber’s Story

For a go-getter like GoodLife General Manager Amber Kelsey, there is a constant call to be involved. It certainly helps, Amber says, that GoodLife has such a strong sense of community, which allows her to focus her energy on improving the lives of Canadians. Though Amber has only been part […]

Jean’s Story

Think outside the box. That’s what GoodLife Group Fitness Instructor and Team Training Coach Jean Reis tells other Associates who are looking to help raise money and awareness for the GoodLife Kids Foundation and Spin4Kids. It is also the strategy Jean has employed throughout her 9 years with GoodLife, becoming […]