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Tamara’s Story

Tamara Gleim joined the MOVE program in March of 2021. Since joining, Tamara has grown such a strong passion for movement and has become a MOVE Ambassador for her region of Saskatchewan. MOVE has not only inspired her love for fitness but has built confidence and friendships along the way. […]

Keira’s Story

Keira McNeil has always loved being active, so when the pandemic started it was important to find new ways for Keira, who is 14 and on the autism spectrum, to keep her body moving and try out new skills and activities.  When Keira’s mother Stephanie heard about the new program […]

Daniel’s Story

Angela could tell her son, Daniel, loved the water from a young age. There was just something about it that soothed him.  When he was frustrated or upset, a bath would calm him. Water was—and still is—his therapy. Now nine years old, Daniel, who has autism and ADHD, participates in […]

Andrew’s Story

Fifteen-year-old Andrew is unstoppable—quite literally, according to his mom, Cathy. He loves all physical activity —anything that gets him up and moving—and is constantly in motion. Andrew recently celebrated his 15th birthday, but his developmental age is lower. Andrew has Down Syndrome and is in grade nine with students who […]

Veyda & Remi’s Story

Laughter echoed through the building as twins Veyda and Remi ran their laps as fast as they could, crossing the finish line with ear-to-ear smiles. It was a proud moment for mom Liora and staff at the Adapted Fitness Centre to see the twins encouraging each other to go faster. […]

Alan’s Story

This story was provided to us by the team at KidsInclusive – Kingston Health Sciences Centre. Achieve.Belong.Inspire. The thought of riding a bike brought fear, anxiety, and hesitation to 11-year-old Alan. Having tried for years, the outcome was always the same: more scrapes, falls, and tears. The shame and […]

Nigel’s Story

It’s a place for kids to be who they are. It’s packed with top-notch camp experiences like swimming, hiking and field trips. And for 17-year-old camper Nigel? It’s the best summer camp ever. Because at One-for-All summer camp, located in Medicine Hat, Alberta, inclusion comes standard. Established by Medicine Hat […]

William’s Story

With a ‘hammer’ fist, William split a wooden board as instructors looked on. Now on display at home with a special handwritten message, these pieces of wood represent strength, confidence and achievement. 10-year-old William has a dual diagnosis of autism and Moebius syndrome, a rare neurological condition with associated physical […]

Sarah’s Story

Child’s pose. Downward dog. Warrior 1. Shavasana. When thinking about physical activity and fitness, it is easy to identify traditional sports and recreational activities like soccer, baseball, swimming or gymnastics. But of course, physical fitness can come in many different forms—including through Yoga. And for a young person like Sarah, […]

Finn’s Story

It was one of the first classes of the session at Ausome Ottawa and families were welcomed by friendly staff, hot coffee and tasty treats – a delightful and unexpected surprise. Among the excited parents and kids were mom Tori and her son, Finn – a curious, funny and music-loving […]