Jane & William

This has been a very well run and perfectly suited program for Jane, especially given the times we live in. In reality to would be an excellent program even without COVID, it is so convenient especially in the winter and given Jane’s respiratory issues it serves to keep her safe from the flu and common cold which in normal times is a serious threat to her health. We are very impressed with all of the coaches and especially Coach Deep. She is doing an excellent job connecting and motivating Participants, she has a wonderful, personable manner and keeps the sessions on track while showing an interest in all. Simply put she is fantastic 10 out of 10.

Jane keeps coming back because she is enjoying the program so much. Having to go out on cold winter nights would be a significant barrier to her attendance. In previous winters and flu seasons she would often get sick and easily miss a couple of weeks. The program is wonderfully tailored to give her the right amount of cardio, stretching etc. She is very motivated to stay in good shape and wants to progress. For people like Jane having routine is very important to their mental health and self-esteem, the weather shutdowns we had in early 2020 and then the pandemic has meant that routines have fallen apart for over a year. Participating in the MOVE program has done so much for her physical, mental and emotional health.

What do we like about MOVE? Everything. The coaches, the platform, the convenience and the routine. Very well done and perfectly suited to Jane’s needs. Positive changes in Jane? Her physical, emotional and mental health have all improved dramatically. We were so worried and especially when a new lockdown started about how she would cope and how we could help her. This program has been as close to an answer to a prayer as you can possibly have. Additionally, like all of us with COVID, Jane’s eating habits have been tough for her to regulate and combined with a lack of access to exercise it has made it very hard to keep a positive body image. Since she has been in the MOVE program, she has become much more aware of proper nutrition and healthy eating. She remarks that she doesn’t want to lose the progress she has made by eating too much or unhealthy foods.