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Saturday, March 4th, 2017



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GoodLife Kids Foundation

GoodLife Kids Foundation raises funds to support national, provincial and local programs that provide ongoing physical activity opportunities for kids and remove some of the barriers currently holding children back from living a healthy life. To date, GoodLife Kids Foundation has impacted the lives of over 240,000 Canadian kids through physical activity opportunities.

How Funds Raised Are Making a Difference

The GoodLife4Kids School Program partners with local teachers to teach fitness skills in grade 4 classes at no cost to schools.

Our Grant Program provides funding for ongoing physical activity programs for children with special needs.

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A heartwarming story from the GoodLife4Kids School Program

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This is a story of transformation from one of our dedicated GoodLife4Kids Coaches. “At this particular school, most of the students were eager to participate. But, as I started our fitness activities, three girls hung in the back, arms crossed. I asked ‘Why aren’t you girls moving?’ and my heart sunk when I heard, ‘Because it’s stupid.’ On my next visit, I told the class that I had two rules: Stay safe and keep your feet moving. The girls pulled up a seat and sat, barely tapping their feet. It was discouraging, but I truly believe that movement is universal and I want kids to fall in love with the feeling of getting their heart rate up. As they watched their classmates having fun and learning new skills, their concern about being ‘too cool’ melted away and the girls joined in. By the end of six weeks, those same three girls were always moving and laughing. It was one of those amazing moments that drove home for me why we do what we do. The three girls that I thought were never going to move ended up being the top three in a school concert incorporating the moves that I had taught them - right in the front row.” Get involved and donate now: http://bit.ly/2hFD9rp

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