celebrating 25 years
celebrating 25 years
celebrating 25 years
celebrating 25 years
celebrating 25 years
celebrating 25 years
celebrating 25 years
celebrating 25 years

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Impact Report


Board of Directors


Laying the Ground Work

2022 was a year that allowed us to resume building a sustainable future for enabling and supporting youth with autism and intellectual disabilities through physical activity and fitness.  

For the first time since late 2019, GoodLife Fitness Associates, Members and supporters actively engaged in fundraising for GoodLife Kids Foundation.  They fully committed to the new national fundraiser, MOVE 4 Kids Event, and showed they’re ready to take it to the next level in 2023.   

Encouraged by the growing success of the virtual MOVE by GoodLife Kids Program in 2022, in early 2023, two pilot initiatives were introduced – MOVE in high school and the first MOVE by GoodLife Kids Program in a GoodLife Fitness Club. We are very excited about the opportunity to engage more youth through the MOVE by GoodLife Kids Program.  

Thank you for taking the time to review this report. Along with highlights of the impact you made through GoodLife Kids Foundation in 2022, you’ll find an overview of the strategic plan that guides our actions for the next three years.

Keith Trussler
Board of Directors
Lisa Burrows
Executive Director
July 1, 2022 to June 30, 2025

Strategic Plan


Goal: To lead impactful national fitness programming for kids and youth with autism and intellectual disabilities.

Strengthening Engagement

Goal: To increase engagement in the work of the GoodLife Kids Foundation and the importance of physical activity and fitness for kids and youth with autism and intellectual disabilities.

Revenue Growth

Goal: To secure ongoing sustainable financial support for the growth of the MOVE by GoodLife Kids Program and the GoodLife Kids Foundation.

Growth in MOVEment

In 2022, the MOVE by GoodLife Kids Program engaged with more than 300 youth, through a total of 1,768 classes delivered through Zoom.

With the consistent growth of the MOVE Program, by the end of 2022 we looked at the opportunity to reach more youth through other delivery options. Since early 2023, the focus has been to pilot the program in high schools and at a GoodLife Fitness location.

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The launch of the MOVE 4 Kids Event

GoodLife Kids Foundation launched the MOVE 4 Kids Event, a national fundraising and awareness event, in November 2022. Registrants tracked physical activity minutes moved to help spread awareness of the importance of physical activity for all individuals and raised funds in support of the MOVE by GoodLife Kids Program.

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Total of 2,213 registered participants and 228 registered teams.

Total number of physical activity minutes moved and tracked by registrants: 713,501

Funds raised through MOVE 4 Kids Event 2022 meant 30 MOVE classes could run for one year and up to 300 youth could participate for free.


Where The Funds Came From

In 2022 the majority of funds were received through the new MOVE 4 Kids national fundraising event.

Though the majority of revenue in 2021 was from the Candian Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS), GoodLife Kids Foundation qualified to receive the subsidy in the first quarter of 2022 only.

Grant revenue was designated to support the MOVE by GoodLife Kids Program. The 2022 grant revenue is the percent of funds used in 2022, with the remainder to be used in 2023.



Where The Funds Go

In 2022, funds were used to bring the MOVE by GoodLife Kids Program to more youth at no cost.

Some funds supported the re-introduction of a national fundraising event which had been on hold since 2020. The Grant Program, on pause since March 2020, continued on pause in 2022 and concluded in January 2023.

Over the years GoodLife Fitness has provided financial support for Administrative & Operating expenses. This support was on hold from March 2020 until it was resumed in December 2021.




Thank you to our partners and supporters

The invaluable contributions from our partners and supporters enable more youth with autism and intellectual disabilities to have access to physical activity and fitness.

Our partners and supporters

Board of directors

Keith Trussler

Director & Past Chair

Lawyer, Mckenzie Lake LLP

John Muszak


Marketing Professional

David Patchell-Evans


Founder & Chief Executive Officer, GoodLife Fitness

Kelly Musovic


Senior Director of Reputation & Response, GoodLife Fitness

Zena Nurse


Manager of General Accounting, GoodLife Fitness

Silken Laumann


Olympian, Inspirational Speaker, Author

Tammy Brazier


Senior Vice President Marketing, Partnerships & External Relationships, GoodLife Fitness

Mike Rathwell

Vice Chair

Director of Equipment Standards, GoodLife Fitness

Tim Cadeny


Director of Operations, GoodLife Fitness

Jonathan Fagg


Senior Director of Digital Experience, GoodLife Fitness