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GoodLife Kids Foundation considers GoodLife Fitness an integral part of the foundation and forever family. Together, we share a driving purpose to give more people in Canada the opportunity to live a fit and healthy good life.

GoodLife Fitness helps power the GoodLife Kids Foundation by providing professional services, partner connections and administrative and operational contributions.

Every year, GoodLife Associates raise funds and awareness through the MOVE 4 Kids Event. With their commitment and support, the MOVE by GoodLife Kids Program continues to be offered free for youth with autism and intellectual disabilities. Through their engagement and participation, GoodLife Associates provide opportunities for physical activity, mental wellness, social connection and leadership for youth with autism and intellectual disabilities.

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Virtual Class Partners

Through our program partners, MOVE by GoodLife Kids Program is able to reach more youth with autism and intellectual disabilities, and provide physical activity to support them as they build confidence, connections and healthy active lives.

School Class Partners

Program Funders

Thank you to our funding partners for helping to ensure that youth with autism and intellectual disabilities continue to receive the physical and mental health benefits of MOVE by GoodLife Kids Program at no cost to families.

Grant from CPRA and Government of Canada
This program is made possible thanks to financial support from the Canadian Parks and Recreation Association and the Government of Canada.

Ce programme est rendu possible grâce à l’appui financier de l’Association canadienne des parcs et loisirs et du Gouvernement du Canada.

Community Services Recovery Fund
GoodLife Kids Foundation was chosen to receive funding from the Community Services Recovery Fund, which is a one-time $400 million investment from the Government of Canada to support community service organizations, including charities, non-profits and Indigenous governing bodies, as they adapt and modernize their organizations as necessary from changes created by COVID-19 pandemic.

Through this, GoodLife Kids Foundation has been funded to develop specialized eLearning training for Coaches and Support Agents leading the MOVE by GoodLife Kids Program.

We are grateful to the Government of Canada, and the National Funders for supporting this initiative through the Community Services Recovery Fund.

MOVE 4 Kids Event Sponsors

Thank you to our 2024 MOVE 4 Kids Event Sponsors. Their support helps to stimulate fundraising by event participants, and reduce the costs associated with hosting a national fundraising event.

Associate Contest Sponsors

Thank you to our 2024 MOVE 4 Kids Event Associate Contest Sponsors!

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Would you like to discuss offering the MOVE by GoodLife Kids program in your community, or how to enhance your business goals through the MOVE 4 Kids national fundraising event?

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