Coach Nick goes at a good pace and he is very professional.

“The MOVE by GoodLife Kids Program is a fun program! The most enjoyable part I find is that there are a lot of different fun activities like dancing…the “would you rather”, and Freeze Dance! My favourite exercises are the swimming move, the Mario jump, the basketball shot, and skating. I probably wouldn’t be working out twice a week without the MOVE Program. Coach Nick goes at a good pace and he is very professional!”

Andrew, MOVE by GoodLife Kids Program Participant

“The MOVE Program has been fantastic for our son! He very rarely misses a class. He has such a sense of accomplishment from the classes. He is happy to have learned to safely use light weights and has commented that he can stretch farther now. Coach Nick is amazing with the participants. He is able to support everyone’s individual needs, supporting participants who need help to remember when it is time to stay muted as well as participants who need encouragement to join in conversation time, while also supporting those with physical limitations and language barriers; all while fitting in the physical activity goals for the session! The classes follow a pattern each week which is great for our son and others who need to know what to expect. Most importantly, everyone is treated with respect and like a valuable member of the group; not like a person with a disability. This means a lot to our son.”

MOVE Family (Andrew’s Caregivers)