Thank you MOVE Program Team and Down Syndrome Association of Ontario!

“Gabriel is enjoying tremendously the dance moves and the workout drills directed by Coach Kiara and Support Agent Justin in the MOVE by GoodLife Kids Program.

He is looking forward to the MOVE Classes every week. Through dance and exercise he is able to maintain a discipline in his daily fitness routine.

He also enjoys the fact that the participants are encouraged to talk about preferences and share their experiences on different subjects.

The dance moves and workout exercises are enjoyable and very easy to follow. Gabriel already memorized some of the moves presented in the class so often times he moves around the house rehearsing what he learned.

Gabriel is shy and the fact that he can join a flexible and welcoming fitness group, from the comfort of his room, means a lot to him. Coach Kiara and Support Agent Justin are very encouraging and accommodating to all the participants in the MOVE Class so Gabriel’s confidence is positively impacted. Gabriel has said, “MOVE Classes are fun, fun, fun!”

The MOVE Program is a great benefit for Gabriel. The kind and flexible approach of Coach Kiara and Support Agent Justin helps Gabriel have lots of fun as well as encourages him to stay fit and active throughout the week.

He is also battling a circadian sleep disorder condition that keeps him a bit isolated because he is only functional in the evening. The MOVE Program has been tremendously important for his social and physical life.

The MOVE Program is extremely useful in the cold and dark days of winter when we are stuck in the house.

He also likes that he has access to pre-recorded videos and so he can practice anytime, anywhere.

Also the drop-in classes online, for statutory holidays are a good opportunity to keep the workout going without interruption.

We are so grateful for the MOVE by GoodLife Kids Program and we thank all the Coaches, Support Agents, and all the people part of the MOVE Program Team and Down Syndrome Association of Ontario for providing youth with down syndrome an opportunity to keep fit and have fun through physical activities and fitness.”

MOVE Program Participant, Gabriel and Parent/Guardian, Adina