Solaiman loves dancing to the tune of ‘Mama Mia’ or ‘Dancing Queen’ and was so excited to share the many ways MOVE has supported Solaiman.

How has the MOVE Program positively impacted your personal growth or achievements?  Solaiman’s mom Fauiza shared:

  1. He has learnt quite a few exercises.
  2. His communication skills have improved: he loves to share his daily activities with the team, comments on the topic of the day and listens to what other participants have to say. 
  3. His love for music and dancing has rekindled. 
  4. The program, three days a week, gives him training in following instructions. We have noticed improvement in his ability to follow instructions in hospital visits, dental appointments, etc. 

What makes the MOVE Program special and appealing to you?  

 It is one hour of sheer pleasure for Solaiman. The exercise program makes him happy, helps him sleep better. We really appreciate the commitment and hard work of Coach Ashley and her team.

A note from Fauiza to Coach Ashley:

“Solaiman’s exercise hour is mostly supervised by a support worker. The support workers have been very impressed with the program and have asked for reference to get other kids into the program. I have passed the information on to many people, including Solaiman’s class teacher. It takes sometime for our kids to adjust to the routine but once they do, it is amazing. 

Your freeze game has its own advantages. There are many occasions, dentist, x-rays, haircut when our kids should not move so we now have a new word for Solaiman ‘freeze’.”